VCA refuses to hand out box tickets for India v England T20I encounter

VCA refuses to hand out box tickets for India v England T20I encounter

Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground
A general view of the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground in Nagpur, India. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

The Nagpur Cricket Association has refused to hand out the tickets allotted for the seats in the President’s Box for the upcoming T20 international between India and England later this month. The Association has been hit quite hard in recent times with most of their body wiped out with the Lodha reforms and the cases with the Supreme Court.

The president and the secretary have both lost their jobs to the wind of change by the BCCI and the Supreme Court. The President’s Box usually consists of 60 to 70 seats while a few are usually handed out to the guests and few buyers, but this time around, there will be no tickets as there is no president at the moment.

A source close to the board went on to reveal that the board will not be issuing the president box tickets unless there is a president in place. As per the guidelines, a few tickets need to be allocated to the BCCI officials. However, this also can be recanted since there is no resemblance of a board in place.

“We have a president box and not the secretary box. We are not giving tickets unless there is a board president in place. There are 60-70 seats in the box. As per guidelines, we are supposed to give some tickets to the BCCI. Unless there is a president, we cannot allot tickets.”

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At the moment, the CEO of the BCCI Rahul Johri is running the operations as far as the Nagpur Cricket Association is concerned.

“I have to check with my office whether we have informed the BCCI about this or not. We will have a meeting and decide what to do with this box now. We cannot take the decision today as we don’t know who will be the BCCI president in the coming days,” he said.