ODI top spot up for grabbing for both India and Australia

ODI top spot up for grabbing for both India and Australia

Whilst the fans are eagerly waiting for the clash of these giants, a lot more is at stake for both the sides. 

Virat Kohli India
Indian team (Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images)

Every time India and Australia combat in an ODI series, a lot of action, entertainment and drama comes integrally and thrills the fans. The sides will lock horns yet again this coming Saturday in a 5-match ODI series, which will be followed by a T20 series. Whilst the fans are eagerly waiting for this event, a lot more is at stake for both the sides.

Taking a closer look at the ICC ODI rankings, India does stand a chance to eclipse Australia for the top spot. Australia currently is at the helm of the rankings with 117 points after their name. Interestingly, India also has 117 points but the former is at the top thanks to the decimal points.

This sets up the series even more beautifully and India will now have to produce their A game if they wish to end this series with the number one tag after their name. In very simple language, the team which manages to win the series will take not just the trophy, but also the top spot.

Possible scenarios and their outcomes

India/Australia winning the series 5-0

The side which manages to complete a clean sweep will take the top spot in the rankings and will take a giant leap as well. If India wins the series 5-0, the winner will finish with 122 points whilst the loser 113 points. But if Steve Smith and his troops defeat the home side 5-0, they will take a 10 point lead with the latter finishing with 122 points and the former at 112 points.

India/Australia winning the series 4-1

Given any of these sides manage to wind up the series 4-1, the winner walks away with a healthy 6 points lead. The winner will be adding 3 more points to their current tally, which will take them to 120 and the other side will end up with 114 points, losing the same amount of points which the winner will gain.

India/Australia winning the series 3-2

If any of these sides manage to win the series 3-2, it won’t seggregate the sides by a huge margin. The winner will gain a point and the other side will lose one, which means the former will 118 points and the latter will have 116 points. Given there will be a lot of cricket left to play in 2017, the team which finishes at the top spot will have to protect its status quite carefully.