On This Day

Keith Pont
July 3, 1972 – When Keith Pont used a bicycle to change ends during a county match

The incident took place during the 1972 County match between Essex and Derbyshire.

Percy Herbert
July 3, 1920 – When Percy Herbert couldn’t see his first-class career

Percy Herbert was the maternal uncle of Percy Hendren.

Carlos Brathwaite
June 22, 2019: A dusky Manchester and a diminished dream for Carlos Brathwaite

For Brathwaite, it was neither Ben Stokes, nor Kolkata.

Fire engine
June 18, 2007 – When a burnt gravy pot failed to save Kent from a defeat

Lancashire and Kent faced off in the 2007 County Championship at the Old Trafford.

Harold Larwood
June 13, 1928 – When a telegram fired up Harold Larwood’s bowling

Harold Larwood was part of the game between Nottinghamshire and Hampshire.

Ray East
June 13, 1970 – When Ray East found strangest of ways to duck a bouncer

The incident happened during the 1970 season's County Championship game between Essex and Lancashire.

Don Bradman
June 12, 1948 – When England planned Don Bradman’s wicket with help of an Australian

Bradman fell to England's plan twice in the same Test match.

Cricket Stadium
June 11, 1946 – When Peter Judge bagged the fastest pair ever in first-class cricket

Indians faced Glamorgan as a part of a tour match ahead of the 1946 Test series in England.

Devdas Gandhi
June 10, 1948 – When Mahatma Gandhi’s son slept in jail to watch Don Bradman’s batting

The 1948 Ashes was marked to be the last Test series of Sir Donald Bradman.

Alan Revill
June 3, 1953 – When a flying glove caused hit-wicket dismissal of Alan Revill

The incident took place during the 1953 County game between Surrey and Derbyshire.