One bad game doesn’t make Chahal and Kuldeep bad bowlers: Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik was talking to the media after the game and said that the spin duo has been phenomenal for India in recent times.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik of India. (Photo by Harry Trump – IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Dinesh Karthik made his comeback to the Indian team yesterday and scored 30 odd runs. He stitched a nice 70-run partnership with the Indian skipper but threw his wicket away at a crucial time. Karthik also extended his support to the young wrist spinners. Kuldeep and Chahal went for runs in the first ODI and became the reason for Indians downfall.

Karthik was talking to the media after the game and said that they have been phenomenal for India in recent times. He also talked about his innings and what went wrong in the game for India. There were a lot of questions about the early fall of wickets and Dinesh answered them all. Let us have a look at what he actually had to say.


On the wrist spinners

Dinesh said that the team management is supporting Chahal and Yadav. The youngsters have done wonders for India and won them games single-handedly. However, yesterday both of them misfired and was one of the reasons India lost the game.

He said, “These are the kind of games which makes you mentally tougher as a bowler. These are the kind of games which are going to help them to stand up to pressure and learn how to handle pressure when the wicket is not so much helping them. The team management backed them a lot and they believe in themselves.

“They are two young guys and they have produced some fantastic spells in the last series and I am sure their confidence is sky high. One game here and there doesn’t make you a bad bowler,” he added.

On his performance

Dinesh got out at a very crucial time for India. He and Virat were looking very good and just then a lapse of concentration got him. The Karnataka batter admitted his mistake and said he should have batted longer and built an inning out of it.

He said, “There are two ways to look at it. It was a decent start. Having said that, a player like me should have tried and batted a little longer. And that is something, I am disappointed about. I could have batted a little more and we would have probably ended up getting 15-20 runs more towards the end. May be, I got out at a critical time in the game. So pretty disappointed with that aspect but it was a decent start and good to have that partnership with Virat.”

On the early fall of wickets

The pitch was on the slower side and was sticky at the start according to Dinesh. He said that the ball was stopping on the batter and it made a lot harder to drive. That caused the wickets to fall early on and put India under immense pressure.

He said, “Look initially, I think the wicket was very sticky and it wasn’t easy. A lot of balls going uppish in the air and it was very hard to drive. It was not coming onto to the bat. It looked like two different wickets (during two innings).”

He also said that it was tough for the batters to score runs and the ball was not coming onto the bat easily. “To be really honest, it was not easy to score runs, the ball going left and right of mid off and covers and in the air, we were not able to time the ball as well,” he concluded.