An open letter to the Lord's Cricket Ground YouTube team

An open letter to the Lord’s Cricket Ground YouTube team

Eoin Morgan Lord's Cricket Ground
Eoin Morgan. (Photo Source: Youtube)

Dear Lord’s Cricket Ground,

You have been providing us with videos of perhaps the most cherished moments in cricket as we know it. Although what I am about to say isn’t really something you would want to hear, the aforementioned statement is perhaps my disclaimer.

Kumar Sangakkara, Eoin Morgan, Brendon McCullum, Alex Hales, David Willey, and Ashley Giles. What do these players have in common? Why was this bunch of players picked by me? While most of the previous posts have included the obvious player at the end with no prizes for guessing, there is a weird reason why I have gone ahead and picked them here. The second part of that statement remains true where there will be no prizes for guessing. Once again, not because I don’t want to, but because I could be cracked over the knuckles by my employers for doing so.

Lord’s Cricket Ground. These three words literally go on to sum up cricket for most people. It is quintessentially the temple of cricket. The balcony made of rose-terracotta color, the ballroom, the MCC members sitting with their cup of tea, spectacles and red ‘n’ yellow ties something many regard with historical value. While these are some clear instances of traditional history and cricket, there have been some unforgettable moments in world cricket that have taken place on that balcony.

However, apart from the obvious and interesting history of Lord’s, the YouTube channel is something that amazes me quite a bit. Of course the channel has some interesting stuff about the ground. The video tours are something people watch time and again in contemplation of visiting the iconic ground one day.

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Yet, the channel has become strange of late. And this weirdness and strangeness began shortly after Brendon McCullum’s speech at the Colin Cowdrey lecture. Taking nothing away from the speech, it was an absolute gem of a talk. However, the video released the following morning kick-started a series that has continued into a plethora of teams being named.

McCullum’s so called ‘Dream XI’ made its way onto the channel of the Lord’s Cricket Ground. The latter also received extensive coverage half of which must be credited to McCullum’s position in world cricket today. Does McCullum have the right to name his dream XI? Yes, of course he does. Having skippered the Kiwis for some part of his career qualifies him to do so.

However, while that certainly captured the imagination of one and all, the folks at Lord’s, folks we love and cherish all too dearly took it up a notch. Kumar Sangakkara, Jason Gillespie and Eoin Morgan were close to follow. However, in spite of this, it soon became excessive when one and all began to announce their XI’s. Ashley Giles followed suit as the channel was receiving some of its best traffic it perhaps had received ever (I assume).

Well, as many would certainly go onto agree that I have nothing against people naming their best XI. After all, the opinions of one and all are always open to discussion. However, anything in excess is certainly bad for anything. It is perhaps the most fundamental rule of the universe. While I appreciate the work that you’ve done, it is time to take a step back and assess how much one is overdoing the situation.

To conclude, I have a proposition for you. One, you could either wait a month or two before you make another video so that we journalists have a downtime from excessively covering your videos. As always, we really appreciate everything that you do and of course, we love you.

Yours Sincerely,

Another Brick in the Wall.

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