Out but not gone: Virender Sehwag shows signs of making a comeback

Out but not gone: Virender Sehwag shows signs of making a comeback

Playing for Marylebone Cricket Club against Durham at Abu Dhabi, former Indian opener Virender Sehwag hit a fabulous century to get his county team to a victory. Starting slow in the beginning Sehwag was cautious to not throw away his wicket. It took the sixth ball for him to get off the mark and that was trademark Sehwag style with a four. What followed was a flurry of fours the very next ball found itself racing away to the fence.

Virender Sehwag whips off his pads

By this time we had a few glimpses and million hopes of getting our old Sehwag back. By the 21th ball he faced in his innings he already had 23 runs on the board with 5 fours in it. Typical Sehwag style, now the wait was only for him to unleash and he did. He reached his half century in the 47th ball in his innings. The runs kept on flowing the scoreboard ran and all one could do was clap, clap at the brilliance of the old warrior, fighting for respect, his place in the national team. On 95 Sehwag hit two beautiful boundaries, they were more than just eight runs they were the runs that got Sehwag to his century.

In 88 balls with 17 fours and a six he got to the most relaxing position he could be in for years now. Eventually when his English County team Marylebone Cricket Club was just a few runs away from victory Sehwag could not hold himself he was caught by Coughlin on Harrison’s ball for a 109 (97b 18×4 1×6) he stayed at the crease for 126mins and scored his runs at a strike rate of 112.37.

This innings could be the difference, he just needed confidence that he can still do it and like he did in the good old days. We hope the Old Sehwag nightmare of bowlers is back to serve his country which needs him and would need his service even more when they go into the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia in 2015. All former players and experts have always said not to count him out yet, the monkey is off his back now and you will see more performances where he rips apart the bowlers destroying even the best of the bowls and entertain millions of his fans.

Fans of Virupa await his comeback in the Indian blues and whites as soon as the next team is picked.