Outcome of South Africa vs India series predicted by scientific astrologer

Over the years, the visiting Indian captains have had a weaker horoscope.

South Africa vs India
South Africa vs India 1st Test, Newlands Stadium, Capetown. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The first match of a series is always important as it gives momentum and confidence to the better performing team. India have put up brilliant performances in the past year, more than what the fans could ask for. Consequently, the No.1 Test side can be expected to put up good performances in the upcoming series against South Africa. The players, team management and finally millions of fans back home are confident of teams chances against the Proteas.

On a given day, any player can dominate the match. All the past performances and the stats may not matter. A good player with good past record still needs to perform on-the field to justify his selection and add to his past performances. The off field controversies, practice sessions, critic review, etc. do not come into play on the day of the match. With millions looking forward to this exciting encounter, a recent astrological prediction about the fate of the series has been made.


Indian Captains have had weaker horoscopes till date

Over the years, the visiting Indian captains have had a weaker horoscope. The closest India came was in 2011 when they were able to draw the test series against the Proteas. By the time India went to South Africa again in 2013, they had already won the 2011 World Cup and Dhoni had exhausted his karmic quota. Be in Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid or Azharuddin, they’ve all failed to match the horoscopes of their counterparts. However, things may be different this time around.

Astrology sides with Virat Kohli’s India

As reported by Sportskeeda, according to scientific astrologer, Greenstone Lobo,  Virat Kohli might just have the upper hand in terms of astrology this time around against his counterpart, Faf Du Plessis. The newly married Kohli has a great horoscope – Uranus, Planet-Z and Planet-X in exaltation, a phenomenal arrangement indeed. Faf Du Plessis has Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter in exaltation – a clearly inferior chart compared to his Indian counterpart. Kohli also has his karmic quota intact as he hasn’t won a major trophy in his captaincy stint as yet. The story would have been altogether different if De Villiers had led the side.

India have a good chance to take the series. From openers to middle order to the bowlers, this is an astrologically balanced team indeed. Except a few players, others are in their groove and expect them to fire during match time. It is Kohli’s first series after his marriage and he must do what he does best to lead his team to victory. Further, Vijay and Pujara make the side look more stable and calm.

Can the Indian’s go on to become Invincibles and emulate the Steve Waugh-led Australia of 90s and the Clive Lloyd’s West Indies in the 70s? It may be too early to say that but yes, this is its best bet.

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