Pakistan cricketers Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan guess each others taste and preferences

Both Shadab and Hasan tried their best but it was just hilarious.

Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Pakistan team is currently gearing up to play the World Cup in England and Wales. After their defeat in the warm-ups against Afghanistan, Sarfaraz Ahmed and Co are scheduled to play their first match against the Windies on May 31 at the Trent Bridge in Nottingham. Meanwhile, bowlers Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan had a gala time recently and had a fun and light-hearted interaction.

Shadab missed the ODI series against England due to illness, but made the cut for the mega event, though he didn’t look at his best in the first warm-up. As far as the interaction is concerned, Shadab and Hasan had a chat with renowned journalist Zainab Abbas who is one of the ICC insiders for the tournament. At first, Hasan was to guess Shadab’s celebrity crush and he couldn’t answer it. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan was the answer.


Hasan was then asked to guess the junk food Shadab eats and he answered burger. However, it was wrong as well as the correct answer was pizza. Nevertheless, Hasan got his first answer correct when asked about Shadab’s biggest fear and it was snakes. Next time around, Hasan guessed that Shadab loves South Indian movies, but it turned out to be wrong as the answer was 3 Idiots.

Hasan and Shadab make guesses

It was thereafter Shadab’s turn to make guesswork about Hasan’s taste and preferences and the spinner didn’t quite get it going. He couldn’t answer the junk food Hasan likes and said burger, however, it was Samosa. When asked about his bad habit, Shadab said that Hasan is short tempered. However, Hasan mentioned that he has a habit of picking his nose in the public.

Thereafter, Shadab couldn’t guess Hasan’s great fear. The youngster failed in guessing his favourite movie as well. Shadab said it’d be 3 Idiots, but it turned out to be the Amir Khan-starrer PK. That was the last question of the conversation.

Both Shadab and Hasan are important parts of the Pakistan team and a lot would depend on how these players perform. Shadab recently played the warm-up match versus the Afghans, but couldn’t quite deliver. Hasan also couldn’t perform in the ODI series against the Three Lions and will want to make amends at the mega event.

Here is the video of Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali answering fun questions: