Pakistan vs Australia: Possible scenarios and their impact on Test team rankings

India and Windies will be taking on each other as well in India, a series which might influence the rankings of these two sides fighting off in Dubai.

Mohammad Hafeez
Mohammad Hafeez. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Both Australia and Pakistan will come into the Test series with a motive to heal the wounds created in recent times. The Men in Green had to suffer a horrendous Super Four stage mishap in the Asia Cup whilst most of the experts were considering them as a title contender.

Australia, on the other side, are without their main men David Warner and Steve Smith and their absence is clearly miffing them. Their performances in recent months have been horrendous and a Test series in Asian conditions against some world-class spinners will only get more challenging.


Both sides will be hoping to gain some points in the ICC Test rankings with a win over each other. India and Windies will be taking on each other as well in India, a series which might influence the rankings of these two sides fighting off in Dubai. Even if the Windies win the series 2-0, they will not rise above their 8th rank.

India should see through this series 2-0 or 1-0 going by team strengths. Given India tie the series, they will drop three points and would still remain on the top. The most unlikely scenario to occur would be India losing 2-0 and Aussies winning it 2-0, which would take the Kangaroos to the top spot in Test rankings.

Current rankings – 1) India – 115 points, 2) South Africa – 106 points, 3) Australia – 106 points, 4) England – 105 points, 5) New Zealand – 102 points, 6) Sri Lanka – 97 points, 7) Pakistan – 88 points, 8) West Indies – 77 points

Here are the five possible scenarios from the Pakistan-Australia series and their impact on the Test rankings.

1. Pakistan win 2-0: Pakistan 97 points, Australia 100 points

In this scenario, Pakistan will be on level terms with Sri Lanka but still, they will be in the 7th position. The possibility of this scenario to materialize is pretty high as the hosts have an edge in terms of spin bowling. Australia would lose 6 points if this happens and they will drop from 3rd to 5th, just above Sri Lanka.

2. Pakistan win 1-0: Pakistan 95, Australia 102

This scenario would not result in any change as far as Pakistan’s ranking is concerned. But for the Aussies, they will be on level terms with New Zealand with 102 points and will be tied for the fourth rank.

3. Drawn series: Pakistan 90, Australia 105

If the series ends in a draw, Pakistan will gain a couple of points whilst the Aussies will lose a point. In this scenario, no change will occur in the rankings as Tim Paine and co will remain in the 3rd position and Sarfraz’s troops will remain in the 7th position.

4. Australia win 1-0: Pakistan 86, Australia 107

A series win by 1-0 margin will earn the Aussies a valuable rating point. They will take the 2nd spot, eclipsing the South Africans, who currently are second with 106 points.

5. Australia win 2-0: Pakistan 84, Australia 109

If Tim Paine and company can defy all the odds and win the series 2-0, they can gain two points and will have 109 points. On the other side, if India loses their series 2-0, which is unlikely to happen, Australia will be on top with 109 points and India will slip to the second spot with 108 points.