The partnership of Amy Sattherthwaite and Lea Tahuhu

The partnership of Amy Sattherthwaite and Lea Tahuhu

They tied the knot in March 2017 in a low-key affair.

Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu
Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu are integral members of the White Ferns- New Zealand women’s cricket team. Satterthwaite has been one of their most dependable all-rounders. She has an international experience of 190 matches in which she has over 4500 runs. Her off-breaks have also come handy for the national team in many instances.

She also was named as the ICC Player of the Year in 2017. Lea Tahuhu’s pace has been a tormenting factor for many teams and she bowls at over 126 kmph, which is considered pretty swift in women’s cricket. She has a combined tally of 92 wickets in international cricket to her name. Apart from representing the national side, Satterthwaite and Tahuhu are also a happily-married couple.

The proud couple

Homosexual relations have been a conundrum across the globe and people generally shy away from publicising the same. However, Amy and Lea didn’t hold themselves back and openly talked about their journey in the same-sex wedding. They also wished to help others, who have been straining to get their act in place, with their messages.

“We take it as an opportunity that if one person reads this, or hears about us, and it helps that one person that might be struggling a little bit, then I think that’s a really great thing for us to be able to do,” Tahuhu was quoted as saying in

They got engaged in 2014 after and tied the knot in March 2017 at Hanmer Springs. During the auspicious occasion, both of them wore white. The wedding was a low key affair as mentioned by Satterthwaite. Meanwhile, she also wants others to know them and the team in person apart from their cricketing abilities.

“You understand that when you’re playing at that level, that kind of attention just comes with the territory. For me, if we’re getting more attention and people are interested in who we are as people, then it shows that people are taking an interest in the team,” she mentioned.

“We tend to be pretty private people, but we’ve always been comfortable talking about [our relationship] — we wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t. And it’s good to be able to celebrate it in a way,” the all-rounder added.

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