PCB is stupid and unprofessional, says former Pakistan fielding coach Steve Rixon

PCB is stupid and unprofessional, says former Pakistan fielding coach Steve Rixon

He was with the team since 2016.

Steve Rixon
Steve Rixon. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

After enjoying a gala time in 2018 so far, Pakistan cricket team is suddenly facing criticism from all corners. Their fielding standards went down considerably in the Asia Cup and have now been crashed out of the tournament even before the final. The exit of their fielding coach Steve Rixon hasn’t worked for them at all who has now lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and has accused them of being stupid and unprofessional.

Entering the tournament, the Men in Green were touted as the favourites. But as the competition went deep there frailties were exposed even more. They dropped as many as nine catches out of 13 in the five matches which Pakistan and clearly they aren’t ready for the World Cup next year.

Meanwhile, Rixon has made some serious allegations over the board and is livid with them for disbursing late payments. “They didn’t pay subsidiary staff on time. Everyone was meant to go to the World Cup, which would be the sensible thing to do but not unless they improved their act. I told them, ‘you guys will make me angrier and angrier, and I don’t need it.’ I said ‘thanks, but no thanks,” he said while speaking to Fairfax Media.

I have no problem with players and coach

Steve Rixon, however, was quick to clarify that he had no issues with the working group of players and coaching staff and enjoyed his time with them. He also had a polite suggestion to the PCB that if they want to recruit to overseas coaches, they will have to take care of them else all good people will leave the team and it will be in dire straits.

“Let’s make one thing clear, the players and the coaches so forth no problems at all, thoroughly enjoyed my time. Seriously, the PCB is not a professional unit and are not doing things as they should. If they want outsiders to the country, they should make sure they look after them. Hence, they lost myself and they’re losing good people because of their stupidity and lack of professionalism. It’s no skin off my nose. Shame because I enjoyed working with the players and saw some fantastic things there,” Rixon, the former Australian cricketer added.

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