Powerplay Rules: Field Restrictions in ODIs and T20Is in Men's cricket and Women's cricket

Powerplay Rules: Field Restrictions in ODIs and T20Is in Men’s cricket and Women’s cricket

The difference in the field restrictions for Men and Women in ODI and T20I formats explained.

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A general view of the ground with fielders spread across. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Field restrictions during the powerplay has become a crucial factor in limited-overs cricket. The evolution is to such an extent that it can shift the momentum of the game in a matter of even a couple of overs. The batting sides that use the restrictions wisely, get the luxury of playing with least risk when more fielders are placed on the boundary. Interestingly, the field restrictions for Men and Women in ODI and T20I formats vary with Men being allowed an extra fielder outside the 30-yard circle.

Despite the shorter boundaries and easier field restrictions in Women’s cricket, their run-rates are slower than that in Men’s cricket. In fact, the inner circle is drawn 25 yards away from the pitch in Women’s cricket compared to the 30 yards for the Men. However, there has been a substantial spike in the run-rate of the Women’s games in the last couple of years as the batters have exploited the advantage of having fewer fielders outside the circle.

Field restrictions – Women’s vs Men’s ODI cricket

At present, in Women’s ODI cricket field restrictions are same as they were the 2015 Men’s World Cup after which three powerplay blocks were introduced. The first ten overs in Women’s ODI format allows a maximum of two players outside the circle which is the same for Men. Both the genders allow a maximum of four players outside the circle between the 11th and 40th over but in Women’s game, a 5-overs of batting powerplay still exists which allows a maximum of three outside the circle.

The last ten overs in the Men’s cricket has a rule for a maximum of five players to be placed outside the 30-yards circle while Women have a maximum of four allowed outside the 25-yard circle. Women’s cricket has of late implemented the fewer fielders outside the circle norm. Between 2015 and 2016, Women’s ODI cricket had an overall run-rate of 4.17 which has increased to 4.5 since the start of 2017.

Field restrictions – Women’s vs Men’s T20I cricket

A similar increase in the run rate can be noticed in Women’s T20I cricket after the maximum fielders permitted outside the circle after the 6th over has been reduced to four. Between January 2016 and September 2017, the overall run-rate in Women’s T20I format was 6.02 where a maximum of five players were allowed outside the 25-yard circle in non-powerplay overs. The aggregate run-rate increased to 7.01 once the new rules came into effect in October 2017.

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