Priyanka Chopra would love to go on a date with this legendary cricketer

Priyanka chose this legendary cricketer over the likes of Virat and Yuvraj

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra. (Photo Source: Twitter)

There have been few stylish cricketers and some legendary cricketers who have made a name for themselves by delivering when it was asked by the nation. The likes of Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh might have been winning the hearts of girls by their looks but Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra chose the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar over Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh.

Reason behind going on date with Sachin:

The reason behind going on a date with the legendary cricketer will make you respect her more. She chose Sachin Tendulkar over Virat Kohli as she wishes to know how he (Sachin) managed to stay at the top of the game for so long.


Priyanka Chopra said, “Sachin Tendulkar – he has accomplished so much. I would love to understand how he has managed to stay at the top of the game for so long,”

Sachin Tendulkar has been the most loved cricketer for India and his records speak volumes about why people have an affectionate concordance for him. While some see themselves in Sachin, others give him the stature of a god. He is an institution in himself.

In his 600 plus International matches, he has scored over 34,000 runs with averaging almost 50. He has 100 centuries to his name which is one of the reasons why people term him the person who defines cricket. The master remained humble throughout his international career spanning 24 years.

Priyanka Chopra didn’t have to think much when she was asked after recently concluded Indian Premier League. Also, she made sure to reveal some of the stylish cricketers in the world.

She termed two Indian cricketers and one English cricketer and admitted that they are indeed the most stylish cricketers.

She said, “There are so many – Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen. There are quite a few stylish players out there,”