PSL attracts cricket fans from India to the stadium in Dubai and Sharjah

Indian and Bengali fans PSL
PSL. (Photo Source:

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) hasn’t truly just been about Pakistan – two reasons for that one it is hosted in the United Arab Emirates and two players from around the world feature in the league. Though a majority of Pakistani fans are forced to watch the matches on TV the PSL and a lot of people turn out in the stands to watch the live action in Dubai and Sharjah. They have now found new fans in the Indian nationals who live in the cities.

Dubai-based Indian cricket fans have been rooting for their favourite teams at both Sharjah and Dubai stadiums. caught up with a 24-year-old Prakash Chilwant who was standing in the queue to buy the ticket in Sharjah. “I am here to support cricket as a sport. I am a big fan of cricket and just cannot miss any of the action anywhere.” He said.


He has been in Dubai for a year and said while he has been here he has missed the live cricketing action. Chilwant doesn’t know much about the background of the two teams Quetta and Islamabad who will play the game but hopes it is an action filled contest. “I don’t know much about Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United, but I hope the match will be of the highest quality.”

Priay Sehdev another Indian is now based in Sharjah and it is his love for the game that brings him to the stadium even if it is a PSL game. “In the PSL you get to see some of the biggest names in world cricket, so I and my friends will watch all the matches taking place in Sharjah,” she said.

Along with the Indians there are Bangladeshi fans as well. “I read in the news that [Bangladesh all-rounder] Mahmudullah was named in the Quetta side in place of Brad Hodge so I came here to support him,” said 28-year-old Sumon Parvez. “It is great that the PSL is taking place here in the UAE and we have players from the Bangladesh side featuring in the teams. I will watch as many matches as I can since so far all the games have been very interesting.”

In the end, we can definitely say – cricket is the real winner.