Rajeev Shukla's assistant sought sexual favours in return for state team selection

The accused has termed all the allegations as 'False'.

Rajeev Shukla & his assistant Mohammed Akram Saifi
Rajeev Shukla & his assistant Mohammed Akram Saifi. (Photo Source: Times Now)

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman, Rajeev Shukla, might find himself in a spot of bother as his assistant Akram Saifi has been accused of seeking sexual favours for selection in the state cricket team. He asks the players to arrange the prostitutes for him and in return promises them to get selected in the Uttar Pradesh State Cricket team. However, Akram has quashed all the allegations imposed on him and lashed out at the player who has accused him of the same.

Akram has been associated with Shukla for long now and is on BCCI payrolls. Though he doesn’t hold an official position in the UP Cricket Board, there are reports that he holds a lot of power outside the office.

Sting operation

A sting operation was run by a Hindi news channel News 1 on Wednesday which claimed that the cricketer named Rahul Sharma was asked to pay in ‘cash or kind’ in order to get selected in the state team back in 2015. Moreover, he also went on to say that Akram provides fake age certificates for participation in different tournaments organised by the Indian cricket board.

The news channel also taped the telephonic conversation between Rahul and Akram in which the latter was heard demanding for women to be sent at a 5-star hotel. The accused promised the cricketer of securing a place in the team in the near future after completing his wish.

However, Akram has clearly termed all the allegations as an attempt to tarnish his image. “The boy says he sent a girl to me. If his allegations are true, then he should have played cricket, right? Did he? No. His allegation would have been proven had he played for UP. Never once has his name appeared in the 60-player list of UP, neither has he played any junior cricket,” he told Indian Express.

The truth will come out soon

Akram Saifi felt that he was being targeted as he is associated with such a big personality. “The truth will come out soon, I’m associated with such a big man (Rajeev Shukla) so it’s natural that people will attack me from all corners. This is done by dissatisfied people, including those close to me. There is a group of some 15-odd people who were involved in this. Why’s this allegation come now if the incident dates back to 2015? Why is he coming out in public in 2018?” he questioned.

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