Rakhi Sawant blames Virat Kohli. Here is why

“Virat Kohli make sure you drink less and smoke less,” Rakhi said to Firstpost

India's captain Virat Kohli
India’s captain Virat Kohli. (Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Loudmouth queen Rakhi Sawant is infamous for her derogatory and controversial statements. Aiming to hog the limelight time and again, she is always on the prowl to target anybody on some pretext or the other. Be it a cricketer or a Bollywood celebrity or a politician, nobody is safe from being Rakhi’s fodder. From creating a stir in the Big Boss 1 to wearing a skimpy dress with PM Narendra Modi’s pics spread over it, Rakhi has become synonymous with controversy.

Rakhi found herself in the lap of controversy when she accused Indian captain Virat Kohli of resorting to cheap tactics on the night before the Champions Trophy final which cost India the match and eventually the title. She charged Virat with drinking and smoking beyond the permissible limits which according to her affected his mental stability and India were trounced at the hands of Pakistan by 180 runs. If that not enough, she brashly spoke of the betting losses suffered by the Indian people as everyone expected them to win.


Rakhi accuses Virat

“What is wrong with you Virat? This is about the entire country which loves you. People bet so much during an India-Pakistan game and so many of them lost the bet. There were speculations that India will thrash Pakistan. Never in our dreams did we think that we will lose by 180 runs,” she said in an interview to Firstpost.

Rakhi did not stop his motormouth there. Unmindful of what led to the rift between Kohli and Anil Kumble, she carried on with her rant singling out the captain as the sole reason behind the coach’s resignation. Unable to bear Kohli’s poor form in big finals, the controversial lady decided to be the lucky charm for him.

“Kumble just resigned, that means there is a problem with you. From now on I will make sure I am present at the ground so that you play well. We were overconfident because we were having a winning streak,” she said.

Now it’s the turn of the entire team to be held responsible for that unaccountable loss. Rakhi wasted no time in calling the Indian team ‘overconfident’. She concocted a funny story where she said that the team lost because their body internals were not functioning properly. She then warned Virat to change his habits or she will take over the captaincy mantle from him.

Rakhi’s advice for Virat

“Hence the players they partied all night, they drank. Next day how do you expect them to score when their lungs are burning. If your liver and lungs do not work how do you expect to score runs. Virat Kohli make sure you drink less and smoke less. If there is a problem, Virat make me the captain. I will not allow your eyes to wander, only then will you play good cricket,” Rakhi commented.

This is not the first time Virat is on Rakhi’s radar. Earlier, the sleazy actress had stirred up the controversy pot when she had confessed her love for the 28-year-old and took a dig at her girlfriend Anushka Sharma. She said that since Anushka hasn’t confessed publicly about her love for Virat, she wants to take her place.