Ranking top 5 Test spinners at the moment

Ranking top 5 Test spinners at the moment

For becoming a successful Test team across the globe, a team must have a quality spinner in their ranks.

4. Yasir Shah

Yasir Shah
Yasir Shah. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Yasir Shah is the only leg-spinner to feature in this list. Since Shane Warne, leg-spinners have almost ceased to exist in Test cricket. But, then came along Yasir Shah, who showed how effective classical leg-spin bowling can be with the red cherry. The 34-year-old spinner has helped Pakistan win several matches in the UAE. 

The leg-spinner has struggled to make inroads in overseas conditions away from the subcontinent. However, give him a little bit of rough, and he will be bowling on that all day with determination. This is the exact attitude which has helped him in England and the UAE. 

In his 43 Tests, he has picked up 227 wickets. He holds the record to be the quickest to reach 200 Test wickets, in terms of the number of matches being played. It is only surprising that he hasn’t played enough white-ball cricket, considering his type of bowling.