Ravi Ashwin gives a fitting reply to a fan who tried to troll him after Glenn McGrath's response to mankading

Ravi Ashwin gives a fitting reply to a fan who tried to troll him after Glenn McGrath’s response to mankading

Ashwin still gets criticised for his mankading in IPL last year.

Ravi Ashwin and Glenn Mcgrath
Ravi Ashwin and Glenn Mcgrath. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) last year, Ravi Ashwin mankaded Jos Buttler at a crucial juncture during the match between the Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Rajasthan Royals (RR). The off-spinner ran Buttler out who was out of his crease even before the ball was delivered and despite all the criticism, Ashwin has stuck to his opinion that his actions were well within the rules of the game.

The debate of mankading not being in the spirit of the game but is within the rules is going on for years now. Rather the bowler who mankads has to face a lot of flak most of the times and the same happened with the then KXIP skipper. He was lambasted on social media for not showing sportsman spirit and even after a year, has to face the wrath time and again.

But Ravi Ashwin is unperturbed nowadays and always makes it a point to respond to the criticism on Twitter. He was once again at it on Saturday when a fan tried to seek his attention over mankading. It all started with the former Australia pacer Glenn McGrath asserting he will not mankad the batsman when the opposition needs two runs to win in a World Cup final. The fan just tagged the Indian spinner posting a picture of his answer.

McGrath is one of the greatest bowlers, says Ravi Ashwin

However, Ravi Ashwin once again came up with a befitting response while also praising and respecting Glenn McGrath for his achievements in his illustrious career. He also made sure that the fan realises his mistake by suggesting him that McGrath’s response is not necessarily the only right answer to the question.

“Dear sir, Glenn McGrath is one of the greatest bowlers to have played the game and I greatly respect his answer for the question but to tell me that it’s the only right answer is wrong on your part,” Ashwin’s response read.

Moreover, when another fan just asked him to ignore just criticising tweets and urged Ravi Ashwin to not pay heed to them, the cricketer said that such people just give him a great material for a banter on Twitter. “Seriously they give me material for banter on twitter,” Ashwin’s replied.