Ravi Ashwin strikes a hilarious ‘deal’ with a fan to keep mankading alive

Ravi Ashwin strikes a hilarious ‘deal’ with a fan to keep mankading alive

Ashwin had to cope a lot of criticism after mankading Buttler in the IPL.

Ravichandran Ashwin
Ravichandran Ashwin. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Ravi Ashwin was all over social media at the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) when he mankaded Jos Buttler in the game against the Rajasthan Royals (RR). The England wicket-keeper was in great form in that game and the mankading from Ashwin turned the game on its head with even the Kings XI Punjab winning it eventually. The off-spinner had to cop severe criticism from the fans as well as the cricket experts.

While some of them backed Ashwin saying that the dismissal is in the rule books, few felt the bowler deliberately stopped for Buttler to go out of his crease and then disturbed the stumps. Despite all the criticism, the KXIP skipper stayed put to his opinion and warned the batsmen to stay inside ‘his part of the crease’. Ever since then, he has been targetted on social media.

Even Ravi Ashwin’s wife Prithi Ashwin had to shut one of the trollers down when he trolled her husband recently. The cricketer himself, this time, was involved in a friendly with one of the fans and struck a hilarious deal with him while speaking about honesty.

Joy of life is to stay in denial

Ravi Ashwin is known to be straight forward with his comments and opinions and interestingly, he decided to reply to a random Twitter user’s message about honesty. “How difficult is it to be honest? Forget being to others, but to yourself? Is 100% honesty achievable?” the fan asked to which the 32-year-old funnily replied stating that staying in denial is a big joy in life.

“99 percent can’t be honest to themselves… One big joy of life is to stay in denial,” Ashwin’s reply read. No wonder this was a savage response from the offie which the other fan liked and he suggested the cricketer to keep mankading. Now, Ravi Ashwin should’ve come up with a witty response to it but he replied, “Deal,” which clearly suggests that the bowler still backs himself for what he did in the IPL.

Here’s the thread of the convo: