Reports: Gautam Gambhir ready to take over as DDCA President if given a chance

He had demanded the dissolution of the present DDCA body after the members fought during the AGM.

Gautam Gambhir (Photograph by Raj k Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir has always been vocal about the issues that have been happening in and around India. Whenever there is an issue, he takes to his official Twitter handle to raise his concern. Recently, the former Indian opener vented out his frustration on social media with a video showing the violence that broke out during DDCA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) meeting where two rival parties were indulged in fist fighting, trading blows on each other at the worst scene.

The Member of Parliament from East Delhi had also demanded the dissolution of the present body and seems ready to resurrect Delhi District Cricket Association’s tarnished image. There is a specific reason as to why Gautam Gambhir took this significant decision to sort out the existing woes. Gambhir understands that there is no order in the current head-less Delhi District Cricket Association and is thinking about reviving DDCA’s lost image.


Gautam Gambhir wants to lead by example

Gautam Gambhir is also well aware that DDCA has an infamous history of violence, in-fighting, insults, accusations and alleged financial embezzlement and irregularities in the selection process. After a lot of thoughts, he had expressed his willingness to become DDCA President after a noisy situation that had recently happened in the association’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday.

Sources in the know of developments added that if Gambhir is given an opportunity, he would grab it in both hands and lead DDCA from the vanguard. “Gautam Gambhir has taken this decision after a lot of thoughts and he is troubled by the fact that there is no order in the present head-less DDCA. He has been thinking about taking a pro-active role to resurrect DDCA’s tarnished image.

“If given a chance, he would like to lead DDCA from the front and by example and ready to mantle the role of Presidentship through the duly elected process,” sources close to Gautam Gambhir confirmed to Republic TV.

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