Richie Benaud to be commemorated with a 50 cent coin

Richie Benaud
Richie Benaud. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The former Australian cricketer Richie Benaud is all set to be the face of the 50 cent coin in Australia. Benaud will become the second Australian cricketer to feature on the coin. Sir Don Bradman was the first cricketer to be commemorated with a coin. The coin will be a special edition coin.

Richie Benaud was more known for his exemplary commentary than his on-field action. He is known as the ‘Voice of Cricket’. Such was his popularity as a commentator that an entire generation grew up listening to his commentary in Australia. The Royal Australian Mint has now decided to officially salute the master of cricket commentary with special edition coins.


Richie Benaud died in the month of April last year following which condolences from the cricket world came in flooding. He died at the age of 84. The ‘Voice of Australia’ was the mainstay of the commentary team in Australia up until 2005, when he was 74 years of age. Despite retiring from commentary in 2005, he continued to work with the media till 2013.

The beloved Australian commentator’s thoughts about cricket were very sensible and unbiased. He blended passion for the game, immense knowledge and humour into the sport. Having made his debut in 1952, he played in 63 Tests for Australia. An all-rounder by his game of play, he had 248 wickets to his name to go with 2201 runs and a top score of 122.

About 95929 special edition coins will be minted. The coin will feature the iconic fan group of Richie Benaud, which was known as ‘the Richies’. It was his wife, Daphne, who approved the minting of special edition coins in the name of Richie. Michael Hennessy, the co-founder of ‘the Richies’ was all excited about the move.

“So many people grew up listening to Richie, he shaped summer for so many people. Cricket has changed but the game will move on and at least it’s nice to remember him with tributes like this,” quoted Michael Hennessy in an exclusive with the BBC.