Watch: Ricky Ponting vs Javagal Srinath aggression at its best

Watch: Ricky Ponting vs Javagal Srinath aggression at its best

Watch: Ricky Ponting vs Javagal Srinath aggression at its best: Australian cricketers are known in the world of cricket for their aggressive game play. Ricky Ponting the former Australian captain was one of the most aggressive batsman and skipper in cricket. Whereas Indian cricketers are not known for displaying similar instinct on the field; unless of course one is talking about Sourav Ganguly. Here we have one of incident when an Indian bowler Javagal Srinath bowled a shortish delivery at 135kmph. Ricky who loves to pull the ball attempted a pull shot here as well. But either the ball was too close to the body or he was early into his shot, somehow Ponting missed the pull shot. We like to name it Ricky Ponting vs. Javagal Srinath when aggression is at its best.

The ball took the top edge of his blade and hit him on the grills of his helmet. A short ball, against an Australian skipper in a test match, and the batsman ruffled by it stands a moral victory for the bowler. Srinath too must have been pleased with himself for delivering this ball and after the impact he made sure to walk a few steps closer to the batsmen and give him that bit of aggression.

If it was any other batsman he would have taken off his helmet and would have taken time off to have a look at it and to recover from the blow. As we are talking about Ricky Ponting, he first gave his piece of mind back to the bowler telling him to go and fu***ng bowl. The commentators’ too had a great time and Steve Waugh, watching his successor was quite amused by the way he snapped back at the bowler instead and praised him for that.

Though we do not endorse or support any kind of language which the recipient might be displeased with. Other than that it was good to see both the batsman and the bowler playing test cricket with so much intent. Hence we call it Ricky Ponting vs Javagal Srinath aggression at its best.

Here is the Video: Ricky Ponting vs Javagal Srinath