Robin Uthappa keen on making a return to Karnataka

Robin Uthappa keen on making a return to Karnataka

The 32-year old is eager to return to playing for Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy.

Robin Uthappa
Kolkata Knight Riders’ Robin Uthappa in action. (Photo by IANS)

Robin Uthappa is indeed a precarious character. In spite of being one of the leading cricketers for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL, he continues to be left out of the Indian team. A few acrimonious incidents eventually led to his ousting from the KSCA and the erstwhile 32-year old found himself playing for Saurashtra in the Ranji Trophy.

However, now having made his way back into the KSCA setup via the KPL, Uthappa hopes that he will soon be donning the colors of Karnataka.

“I spoke to the KSCA and expressed my interest to play in the KPL, and they were happy to bring me in. This is the KPL — it is our tournament. How can I not play? This is a chance for me to receive love from our Karnataka fans,” he said.

“The time with Saurashtra helped me mend fences with KSCA. There were certain areas where I overstepped, during my time with the Karnataka team. I had to man up and apologize, and I have done that,” he said.

‘Left a part of my heart behind when I left Karnataka’

Speaking about the time when his relationship with the KSCA, Uthappa admitted that he had indeed faced a lot of challenges when it came to Gujarat, a predominantly different state in the grand scheme of things.

“When I left Karnataka, I felt like I left a part of my heart behind. Moving out of your home state is not something I’d advise everyone to do. I faced a lot of challenges, outside the game of cricket. The local language is different, and so is the food. Gujarat is a predominantly vegetarian state — something I’m not used to. But in terms of cricket, the set-up and the players were great,” he said.

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