Rohit Sharma reveals the name of his next Instagram live guest while speaking to Yuvraj Singh

During the chat, Yuvraj also reflected on the topic that there are currently no seniors in the Indian side.

Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh
Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The coronavirus outbreak has forced cricketers to stay in quarantine and spend their idle time on social media while interacting with their fans. Be it Twitter Question & Answer session or Instagram live– cricketers are making sure that they entertain their fans in these trying times.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma has been hogging the headlines for his Instagram live sessions. The Indian opener has conducted Instagram live with Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kevin Pietersen as well as Yuvraj Singh. Fans are mostly used to watching their sporting heroes spread magic on the field. However, fans also seem to be enjoying their favourite cricketers having candid conversations with each other.


In the chat between Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians skipper revealed the name of his next guest on Instagram live. The next person is none other than Rohit’s former MI teammate and Yuvraj’s close pal– Harbhajan Singh. Rohit also told Yuvraj that he wouldn’t hesitate to throw a googly at the Turbanator.

Here is the conversation between two batting stalwarts:

Rohit: Would Harbhajan Singh be fine? I would talk to him as well on Instagram live.

Yuvraj: You will have a laugh.

Rohit: Yes, I will catch him next. The first question I will ask him would be which is his favourite team.

Yuvraj: He will obviously say Chennai, he can’t say anything else. He will get stuck between Chennai and Mumbai.

Rohit: I will also keep Mumbai Indians owners live on the side.

Yuvraj: He will say both are my favourite teams.

Rohit: I will tell him that he has only one choice.

Yuvraj Singh opines that there are currently no seniors in the team

During the chat, Yuvraj also reflected on the topic that there are currently no seniors in the Indian side. According to Yuvraj, there were no distractions and the seniors were very disciplined when he broke into the Indian team.

“When I came into the team or when you (Rohit) came into the team, our seniors were very disciplined. Obviously there was no social media so there were no distractions,” said had said as quoted by TimesNow.

“There was a certain behaviour that we boys had to carry, how they talk to people, how they talk to media. Because they were the ambassadors of the game and India.”

Rohit, who is now one of the experienced members of the Indian squad, agreed to Yuvraj’s point and responded that he never fails to talk to youngsters. The Mumbai Indians skipper said that he chats with Rishabh Pant a lot, who has been censured a lot in recent times for his inconsistency with the bat and poor glovework.

“I speak to Rishabh (Pant) a lot. There was so much scrutiny on him and he got worked up. Media should also think before writing about him. But scrutiny will be there as long as you are playing for India,” said Rohit.