Sabbir Rahman accused of fist-fighting and slapping a cleaner

Sabbir Rahman accused of fist-fighting and slapping a cleaner

The Bangladesh batsman has dismissed the rumours.

Sabbir Rahman
Sabbir Rahman. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Sabbir Rahman, controversy’s own child, has found himself tangled into another unwanted occurring. Once deemed as one of Bangladesh’s most talented batsmen, he has been accused of hitting a cleaner at the Rajshahi City Corporation. On Sunday, May 31, around 5 pm in the afternoon, the 28-year-old, reportedly, slapped that individual in front of his home. Thereafter, a few cleaners started creating a ruckus.

The police got the situation under control. The locals said that after a heated argument between Sabbir and the cleaner, the former took to violence. It was also learned that Sabbir apologised after the matter. However, while speaking on the matter, Rahman said that he didn’t resort to slapping, dismissing the rumours. The Rajshahi-born said that he only had an argument with the cleaner.

“Cricket is my love, it’s my life. And I’m swearing to cricket that I didn’t beat that person. Past is past. I have learned a lot from the past. The ongoing rumours are baseless and nothing of such sorts has happened. It’s not easy to hit a person,” Sabbir was quoted as saying in BDcrictime.

The person was giving me stares and blabbering something: Sabbir Rahman

“A garbage van was placed near my residence. I was returning home with my wife. I told ‘listen, if you keep a vehicle in the middle of the road, it will be difficult to commute. If someone who is sick wants to go, it will be tough for that person. If you could keep the vehicle a little away’. I only said these words,” he stated

“The moment I pressed the horn, the reaction was such that I committed a big mistake. The person was giving me stares and blabbering something. I found it odd and asked, ‘Did you tell me something? I didn’t speak any wrong, then why are you reacting this way’ Only this happened, nothing else,” he added.

Sabbir said that the issue has been blown out of proportion and being a cricketer, he tends to hog the headlines. He mentioned that the cleaner later went to his home and threatened his mother and father in a severe manner. He reckons that he should have been called once as he believes that his driver and his spouse won’t be concealing the truth from the others.

As far as controversies are concerned, Sabbir has been a part of plenty of them. In September 2018, the BCB’s disciplinary committee banned him for six months for abusing a fan on social media. During the same time, Shoaib Malik, the veteran Pakistan cricketer said that Sabbir had, reportedly, eve-teased his wife Sania Mirza. Sabbir last played for Bangladesh in the 2019 tri-series at home.