Sandeep Patil to host cookery show while hosting fellow cricketers as guests  

Sandeep Patil to host cookery show while hosting fellow cricketers as guests  

The invited fellow Indian cricketers as guest will also cook with him on the TV show

Sandeep Patil
Sandeep Patil (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former India selector, who also played for the country, Sandeep Patil is all set to start a new inning in life. He is set to host a cookery show which will air on the Television under the name ‘Taste Match’. Sandeep will also be seen inviting former as well as present cricketers as guests on the show.

Sandeep served as the cricket coach of Kenya for a number of years. His proudest moment as a coach was arguably in 2003 when the minnows qualified for the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup held in South Africa. Kenya is where he had picked up the habit of cooking.

“I started going there in 1987 and I continued going there for 17-18 years. My liking for cooking started from there itself. They have a tradition in their parties, where only men cook. I always had this love for cooking but never got a chance. To avoid junk food every day, I started cooking different dishes from there itself,” Patil was quoted as saying by InsideSport.

“I never claim that I am a good cook. My passion for cooking has become my hobby now and now it has increased to such an extent that my wife — who is a far better cook than me — I don’t allow her to come in the kitchen. Even nowadays when I am shooting a cookery show, I have to be in the kitchen.”

“Today also, I have made mutton chops (laughs) because for me cooking is the most relaxing thing. I feel at my age you need some source to rejuvenate yourself and for me, cooking is that medium. From cricket to coaching to cooking, it’s been a beautiful journey for me,” he said.

‘Taste match’ will also see professional cricketers cook alongside Patil as the trailer of the show, which is out on YouTube, revealed. Former India cricketer Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar along with Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are also seen in the trailer.

The first episode of the show will be broadcasted on April 8 and Patil is very excited about it. Patil, who played in 29 Tests and 45 ODI’s between 1980 and 1986, said that he enjoyed filming the first few episodes with ex-cricketers and friends which refreshed old memories.

“During the shooting, we shared some light moments. With most of them, like Kapil [Dev] and [Sunil] Gavaskar, I share a special bond. Players like Ajay Jadeja and Sourav Ganguly know me since the time they used to play under-19 cricket. We have spent a lot of time together so we have a lot of interesting things to share.”

“They will be talking and sharing some interesting stories, and of course, eating the food cooked by me. We have shot many episodes so far and I have enjoyed each and every moment of that,” Patil added.

Patil’s habit of cooking to avoid eating junk food whilst he was in Kenya has given him a new lease of life. A cookery show generally attracts less viewership, but with the presence of India cricketers in each episode, this show will be a hit amongst the viewers.