"Security has been strengthened,"- New Zealand official Richard Boock after Christchurch mosque attack

“Security has been strengthened,”- New Zealand official Richard Boock after Christchurch mosque attack

Bangladesh U-19 is scheduled to play their first match against New Zealand U-19 on 29th September.

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Bangladesh Under 19 team has landed in New Zealand. It’s been six months ever since the shambolic mosques attacks that took place in Christchurch. This will be the first time that any inbound tour will take place after a horrendous act took place in a Mosque of New Zealand that sent shockwaves around the cricketing fraternity.

In the past month, New Zealand cricket and Bangladesh got to an agreement of ruling out Bangladesh Under 19 series which was due to be played in Bangladesh only, and after a lot of discussions, New Zealand cricket board has managed a tour of Bangladesh to their home which got stamped in recent weeks.

On 25th March 2019, Bangladesh cricket team players avoided the heinous mass killing in New Zealand but many questions regarding security were raised after the traumatic incident that took place before the third and final Test of their tour. The players were in Christchurch and some of the players were intending to attend the Friday noon prayers at one of the mosques, Masjid Al Noor, where the killer with loaded guns shot mercilessly, killing at least 49 people.

NZC manager looks sure about the security of Bangladesh Under 19, after Mosque attacks

According to NZC public affairs manager Richard Boock, the security of the country has undoubtedly been top-notch, as it prepares to host England, India, and Australia in the upcoming months. “It [security] has been strengthened, not for this under-19 tour in isolation but for all inbound tours. David White [NZC chief executive] said after the Christchurch attack that this would change everything, and certainly, that’s been the experience so far. We’re giving this a lot of attention,” Boock was quoted as saying by stuff.co.nz..

New Zealand is reluctant about the security specifics irrespective of the less number of people on the ground,” It’s not so much about numbers on the ground; it’s about making sure all risks are identified and mitigated to an extent that they’re deemed reasonable to accept,” the manager added.

Bangladesh Under 19 will play their first warm-up match Canterbury Invitation XI at Bert Sutcliffe Oval on 27th September 2019 and after that, they will go onto play New Zealand Under 19 on Sunday.

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