Severe Cape Town drought leads to the cancellation of all amateur cricket

Cape Town has earmarked April 12 as Day Zero

Cape Town pitch in South Africa
Cape Town pitch. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The South African city of Cape Town has been enduring one of its worst drought in a century. The effect of which took a heavy toll on the pitch conditions and was evident during South Africa’s first Test against India at Newlands. The situations have been even worse and recently it led to the cancellation of all club and school tournaments for the remainder of the 2017-18 season. It has left the Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) in a flux as they are scheduled to host a Test between South Africa and Australia in March.

The WPCA had initially decided to halve the senior club’s season fixtures due to concerns of there being insufficient water to service municipal facilities in July last year. It then further cut fixtures in October last year. And, after an announcement that compels municipal fields to be closed, the WPCA had no choice but to put a hold on all amateur cricket.


Cape Town has earmarked April 12 as Day Zero, when all the residents on the foothill of the Table Mountain will have to queue at 200 water points to receive an allocation of 25 liters per person per day. The citizens are currently facing a Level 6B water restrictions limit that allows them only to use 50 liters a day.

No promotion or relegation system

Considering the precarious situation that Cape Town is facing at the moment, the club season has been canceled. Also, new rules have been drawn up which negates any promotion or relegation system this season. Instead, the WPCA will appoint a task team to decide how they will approach the 2018-19 season.

According to ESPNCricinfo, Nabeal Dien, the chief executive officer of the WPCA, speaking about the developments said, “The spirit of cooperation and good-will was evident at the meeting. This drought is immense and we are aware that the cancellation may impact negatively on the game at grassroots level. Yet we are also aware of the lack of water and day-zero presenting an existential crisis which we want to address in association with the City and its people in a thoughtful manner.”