Shadab Khan’s trajectory too hot to handle for Richie Berrington

Berrington had no clue about the delivery.

Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Wrong’uns and leg-break bowlers have an exotic relationship. It’s an art, which isn’t a cakewalk to master, but once grasped it’s a lethal weapon for a tweaker. Pakistan’s Shadab Khan is a leggie and depends a fair bit on the variation to fox batsmen.

The googly is bowled from the back of the hand and the batsmen have to read it from the hand. If they don’t, they have the daunting task of deciphering the same from the pitch and while doing that, the ball has every chance of sneaking through the gate between the bat and the pad. Richie Berrington experienced something similar versus the Pakistani bowler.


Shadab’s masterful skills

Shadab churned out a wily and loopy delivery, which pitched on a good length. The right-hander trotted on to the front foot, but the ball dipped on him. Hence, he didn’t quite reach to the pitch of the delivery. To Richie’s woes, the leather gripped the surface and spun sharply. The batter’s left leg wasn’t near to the pitch of the ball and he was comprehensively flattened, both in the air and off the deck.

He was beaten all ends up as the wrong’un cannoned into the stumps. Berrington is one of Scotland’s most experienced batsmen and to beat a man of his class needed something special. Shadab didn’t disappoint from that perspective.

Keeper Sarfraz and his other teammates ran towards the bowler to celebrate the masterclass of a dismissal. It was the second nail in the coffin of Scotland’s batting as George Munsey was eked out by Hasan Ali. Meanwhile, the hosts surrendered a healthy start after racking 53 without a loss in the first five overs of their run chase of 205.

Here is the video of the ripper:

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