Shahid Afridi to sue Javed Miandad for match fixing remarks

Pakistan Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad gives tips to cricketer Shahid Afridi during a training session. (Photo by Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi recently expressed his intentions of suing former Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad. Miandad had alleged that Afridi had fixed matches during his playing days. He also went to allege that Afridi wants a farewell match only for money. Talking to Samaa TV, Miandad apparently blamed the entire team for fixing matches.

This did not go well with Afridi. As per reports in The Express Tribune, Afridi is now all set to take legal actions against Miandad. During the book release of sports journalist Saleem Khaliq, Afridi had quoted that it was the greed for money that separated Javed Miandad from the World Cup winning captain Imran Khan.


Responding back to the allegations, Miandad said it was Afridi who sold matches. “I challenge Afridi to swear upon his daughter and say that he didn’t sell Pakistan’s matches,” quoted a furious Miandad. “The whole team had fixed matches,” Miandad added further. Shahid Afridi wasn’t far behind in saying that money has always been an issue for Miandad. In reply to this, Miandad reiterated, “If I had any money related issues, I wouldn’t have left the team, but I did.”

The bitter response from Miandad that leveled the match-fixing charges with Afridi did not go down with the all-rounder. As per The Express Tribune, a source said that Afridi and his lawyer are now all set to send a legal notice to Miandad.

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“Afridi and his lawyer are watching clips of Miandad and his allegation thoroughly, and will be sending the required legal notice on October 13 as the offices remain close on 9th and 10th of Muharram,” the source said.

Speaking on the much talked about farewell match of Shahid Afridi, the all-rounder said that the match is his right. A reporter asked him, “Javed Miandad has said that Afridi wanted farewell game only for money.” Afridi was quick to respond saying that it doesn’t suit a player of Miandad’s caliber to be saying such things. He quoted, “it doesn’t suit a legendary cricketer like Miandad to pass such irresponsible comments.”

“A farewell match is my right,” said Afridi. “I will meet PCB executive committee’s chairman Najam Sethi and talk to him about what the board wants to do regarding the farewell game,” he conceded.