Shahid Afridi welcomes Ronaldinho Gaucho to Pakistan

Shahid Afridi
Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. (Photo by RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images)

Pakistan have fought really hard against terrorism to bring cricket back to their country. They have struggled a lot over the years and have seen their team go from bad to worse. Some players allegedly indulging in match-fixing and getting life bans to series of terrorist attacks leading to a ban from hosting cricket matches. Pakistan have seen some of their darkest days when it comes to cricket.

However, things have changed now and changed for the good as Pakistan successfully answered their critics by hosting the mega final of Pakistan Super League in Lahore and sent a strong message to the world. The security for the final was praised by many and most importantly all the players who traveled to Pakistan felt safe.


That said, Pakistan might get their cricket back but there is even bigger news for the football fans in the country. Ronaldinho Gaucho, a legendary football player is coming to Pakistan and guess who welcomed him? Shahid Afridi the Pakistan legend welcomed Ronaldinho on Twitter, although Ronaldinho is yet to arrive he was pleased to hear the news.

Afridi was ecstatic as he said that it was good to see more international sports stars visiting his country. His tweet read, “- Welcome @10Ronaldinho it is good to see more international sportsmen visiting my beloved country… #football #Pakistan.”

Ronaldinho announced his visit over Twitter with a short video message. He posted a tweet with a message saying “Pakistan I am coming”. The video was captioned with the same and mentioning Leisure Leagues.

The legendary footballer is visiting Pakistan to play a seven on seven football game against the Pakistan Football team. The good news doesn’t stop here for the fans, there are six more international stars and Premier League players who will visit the country.

This might also have an effect on cricket as it was banned for not being safe and these international stars visiting Pakistan could well be a blessing in disguise for cricket as well.