'Simon I am sorry, I challenged the decision' - Simon Taufel reveals an incident when Alastair Cook apologized to him

Taufel is currently in India where he is leaving no stone unturned to promote his book 'Finding the Gaps.'

Simon Taufel and Alastair Cook
Simon Taufel and Alastair Cook. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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Simon Taufel is widely regarded as one of the greatest umpires who has ever officiated a cricket match. The 48-year-old Australian was adjudged the International Cricket Council Umpire of the Year for a period of five consecutive years between 2004-2008, stood in 74 Tests and 174 One-day Internationals.

Taufel is currently in India where he is leaving no stone unturned to promote his book ‘Finding the Gaps.’ The former Australian umpire in a chat with Mirror at an event hosted by 100 MB, spoke on a whole host of issues like Decision Review System, Pink ball Day/Night Tests.

Recently, the IPL governing council has forwarded a proposal by the BCCI regarding the employment of an additional umpire whose sole responsibility for calling or adjudicating the no-ball. When asked about his views on the same and whether the same can be implemented in International cricket.

“I am aware they are talking about it but haven’t seen the details which makes it very hard for me to comment. But I have been a part of three front-foot no-ball trials right from 2004 in the Champions Trophy in the UK to the time I left ICC in 2016, where I did that trial supervision with England and Pakistan playing. So yeah I am familiar with the concept. Possible to implement in International cricket? We can do anything in cricket with time and money,” said Taufel to Bangalore Mirror.

When Alastair Cook said sorry to Simon Taufel

With the introduction of another official, it is widely been discussed as to whether it would undermine the authority of the two on-field umpires. However, Umpire Taufel does not believe in it. Taufel, in-fact, went on to narrate an incident when former English captain Sir Alastair Cook apologized to him.

According to the former Australian umpire, “I don’t think so and let me tell you a reason why. I remember getting Alastair Cook out wrong in a match in Abu Dhabi in an ODI game and I gave him LBW and changed the decision after which he went on to score a century. After the game, Cook walked up to me and said ‘Simon I am sorry I challenged the decision’. I think the spirit is still there. We are getting the appreciation on how hard umpiring is.”

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