'Stop backing him' - Kevin Pietersen gets irked at Virat Kohli for saying that he was MS Dhoni's first Test wicket

‘Stop backing him’ – Kevin Pietersen gets irked at Virat Kohli for saying that he was MS Dhoni’s first Test wicket

Kevin Pietersen and Virat Kohli did an Instagram live chat for their fans.

Kevin Pieterson and Virat Kohli
Kevin Pieterson and Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Kevin Pietersen, the former England cricketer is quite busy taking interview in a live video session in lockdown. Recently, he interacted with none other than Indian skipper Virat Kohli. While talking to the 31-year-old player, he raised a query over the fact that he is not the first wicket of MS Dhoni. And, the Kohli ended up taking the side of the former Indian skipper over the same.

The 39-year-old is one of the best batsmen that England has produced in its cricketing history. He bid adieu to international cricket back in 2012 after falling apart from the ECB due to a controversy. After that, for some time he actively took part in different T20 leagues across the globe and then shifted his focus to commentary.

In 2017, he was doing commentary in an IPL game. At that time, he asked for a favour from Manoj Tiwary. The former England cricketer asked Tiwary to tell MS Dhoni that he was a better golfer than him. Later on, the former Indian skipper hilariously trolled Pietersen saying that he is still his first Test wicket. Since then, Pietersen has been getting trolled by the fans over the same.

Kevin Pietersen gets annoyed by Virat Kohli’s response

However, it is not completely true. Actually back in 2011, Kevin Pietersen was caught behind the stumps off MS Dhoni. But, the former referred it to the third umpire, who adjudged him not out as no edge was visible in the hotspot.

Pietersen raised the same question during the interaction with Kohli saying that many people say that he is the first wicket of MS Dhoni. But, the fact is that he referred it to the third umpire, who reversed the decision of on-field umpire and adjudged him not out,” A lot of people told me, I am Dhoni’s first test wicket. I referred it & I was given not out remember?.”

Afterwards, Kohli said that MS Dhoni has a point as the sound came on the stumps mic. But nothing was visible in the hotspot,” Yeah, I know. Look the thing is, MS has a point, It came up on the stump mics and nothing came on the hotspot so he has a point.”

Pietersen got furious over the reply of Indian skipper and said that stop backing MS Dhoni, “Oh, you stop backing him.” The Pietersen-Kohli duo had a blast while interacting over a variety of things during their Instagram live session.

Here is the clip: