Sushant Singh comes up with epic reply on comparison with MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (L) gestures as he speaks alongside Bollywood actor Sushant Singh. (Photo by STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Sushant Singh Rajput has earned a lot of fan following after massive success of his recent release. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story has been a big success at the box office. More importantly, his acting has been commended by the critics. Recently, actor Rajat Kapoor tried to take a dig at him on Twitter. But the reel Dhoni was witty enough to hit back with an epic reply.

A total burn for the tweet against him. Actor Rajat Kapoor posted a tweet on micro-blogging site Twitter drawing comparisons between real and reel MS Dhoni. His tweet aimed directly at the looks of the actor playing the role. He said that the real MS Dhoni looks way better than Sushant Singh Rajput, who plays MS Dhoni in the movie.


He even went on to say that his words are a fact. He tweeted, “Dhoni looks so much better than the actor who plays him..#fact.”

Unlike most other actors, who would get hurt and be offended, Mr. Sushant had his own way of answering back. A witty response from Sushant said that he worked a little harder on the skills. His hardwork in getting the right skills for the role was his way of compensating for his looks.

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He further also asked Rajat Kapoor to watch the film if he gets interested in seeing his skills in the movie. He tweeted, “I Slogged a bit extra on my skills to compensate. If you get interested in that,pls do watch the film sir:) #fact”

The Twitter was set on fire and comments came in flogging. Many criticized Rajat Kapoor for making such a baseless comment. Rajat Kapoor was at the receiving end.

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He came back with a tweet saying he neither did he insult the movie nor did he have any intention of insulting Sushant. He tweeted, “@bhartiyabhakt @itsSSR neither judged the film, nor the actor..Is it really not all right to have any opinions at all in this country?”

Well, the comment did sound a little absurd and fellow actors must admit that Sushant has done exceedingly well to get in the role of MS Dhoni.