Team cried after losing the final of ICC WWC, reveals Harmanpreet Kaur

Team cried after losing the final of ICC WWC, reveals Harmanpreet Kaur

Kaur is proud of flying her country's flag high.

England v India Harmanpreet Kaur
The India side. (Photo by Harry Trump-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

It is tough to predict the next occasion when the Indian women cricket team will come this close to lifting the Women’s World Cup title as they were on Sunday at the iconic Lord’s cricket ground in England. The high-flying campaign of the female braveheats from India saw a bitter end as they were defeated by the hosts England in the finals by a very narrow margin.

However, the team made the world conscious of their capabilities. The likes of Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami will not get another go at the biggest event of Women’s cricket. But the promising Smriti Mandhanas and Harmanpreet Kaurs are expected to don the blue jersey again in the next edition of the event. Smashing 171 against Australia in the semi-finals, the woman of the moment Harmanpreet Kaur revealed the scenario of the dressing room after the heartbreaking defeat.

“We were all crying after the match. Even those assisting our team were crying. We all contributed with some speeches and messages. But then our support staff said nobody will cry when we reach the hotel. We then celebrated by eating dinner together. I’m really proud of my team because this has been my best moment and this is the best cricket we have played. Now, it’s like we lost enough, now we just want to keep winning,” revealed the 28-year-old cricketer.

Kaur is proud of flying the ‘Tiranga’ high

The lady from Moga said that while one is donning the prestigious blue jersey, it does not really matter which state she is from. For her, it was an extremely proud moment to have her country’s flag flying high. “Which city you are from doesn’t matter, what matters is what your thinking is. A dream has come true, a dream to play good cricket. Proud that we have made our country’s flag fly high,” concluded Kaur.