The evolution of India's ODI jersey since 1985

The evolution of India’s ODI jersey since 1985

Team India sported a total of 40 coloured jerseys thus far.


Jersey No.11 (Photo Source: Google)

For the World Cup in 1996, a new kit was outlined. There was a yellow strip in between the blue and it looked a lot fancier than the previous jerseys.

Jersey No.12 (Photo Source: Google)

Later after the World Cup, yellow was removed from the jersey. A design with white, black, red, yellow was created and the jersey featured the ‘Ashoka Chakra’ on it.


Jersey No.13 (Photo Source: Google)

In 1997, the entire front half of the shirt had a huge ‘Ashoka Chakra’ imprinted on it.

Jersey No.14 (Photo Source: Google)

For the next jersey, yellow was back along with a darker shade of blue near the shoulder region.


Jersey No.15 (Photo Source: Google)

There were many jerseys tried out in the year 1998. The first one had small ‘Ashoka Chakras’ printed all over.

Jersey No.16 (Photo Source: Google)

Then, the same design continued but with the Indian flag near the shoulders and the collar this time.

Jersey No.17 (Photo Source: Google)

The third jersey in the year brought back the navy blue colour and it looked quite unique.

Jersey No.18 (Photo Source: Google)

The final jersey launched in the year had various patterns of the colours of the Indian flag.

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