'This behaviour in 2021?' - Kevin Pietersen disappointed by English fans hurling racist slur at footballers post EURO 2020 loss

‘This behaviour in 2021?’ – Kevin Pietersen disappointed by English fans hurling racist slur at footballers post EURO 2020 loss

Kevin Pietersen is in doubt whether England will host FIFA in 2030 due to the ugly behavior of the England crowds.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen. (Photo by Brown/Popperfoto/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen is not happy with the way the fans and followers treated the England footballers, after their Euro Cup Final loss against Italy on Sunday, July 11. It was expected that England will the Cup in front of their home crowds, but fans instead had to endure heartbreak after their loss to a penalty shootout 2-3 to Italy.

A soon as the results were out, the fans erupted not only in the stadium but came out in large numbers in the streets of England to express their disappointment. With the golden opportunity gone to win at home, England now will get the hosting rights of the FIFA World Cup after nine years now.

But Pietersen wonders, if racial abuse is meted out like the one which happened last night, then England should not get the right to host the event. “The walk I took with Dylan to get our car home last night was scary absolutely HORRENDOUS! This behavior in 2021?? The abuse of the players who gave us so much joy??”Do we actually deserve the 2030 World Cup?” Pietersen tweeted.

Apart from Pietersen, even Prime Minister Borris Johnson took to Twitter to express his displeasure towards the England fans who hurled racial abuse towards the players. Johnson added the team “deserve to be lauded as heroes”.

“Those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves,” Johnson tweeted.

Racial abuse a hot topic of discussion among fans and followers

Recently, England Cricket Board (ECB) came under the scanner, due to the past historic tweets posted by Ollie Robinson when he was a teenager. He was suspended immediately after the first Test match against New Zealand, but later he was allowed to play. After Robinson, a lot of England players came under the scanner, and investigations were carried out by ECB.

Former West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding, who always has excellent views related to racism said, he would not have possibly played for England, with such behavior from crowds, and fans of England. Holding’s book on racism is also is out and he has shed light on the subject, which has become a hot topic of discussion in recent times.