TNPL 3: Shah Rukh Khan takes the best catch of the season

TNPL 3: Shah Rukh Khan takes the best catch of the season

The ball was travelling and looked set to cross over the ropes.

Shah Rukh Khan catch
Shah Rukh Khan catch. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018 is already catching up on some great action. We are four days into the tournament and things are already getting hot in the tournament. All the participating teams have played at least one game so far. But the fifth match between Lyca Kovai Kings and the Karaikudi Kaalai was definitely the best thus far.

Both Kovai and Kaalai put up 162 runs on the board after batting for 20 overs in their innings. Hence, they had to fight it out once again in a super over and the game ended up being a nail-biter  and it was the Lyca Kovai Kings who won the game. However, apart from all this action, there was something else that really stood out in the game. Kovai Kings fielder, Shah Rukh Khan took an absolute stunner in this game and that catch is one of the best you’ll ever see.

Shahrukh ‘Superman’ Khan

It was the sixteenth over of the game. After 15.4 overs, Karaikudi Kaalai scored 129 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Rajahmany Srinivasan was batting on 12 runs. The Kaalai’s were definitely looking to free up and post a massive total on the board. Srinivasan hit a boundary just off the previous delivery and was starting to get going.

Just after hitting this boundary, he attempted another slog sweep towards deep mid-wicket. The ball was hit hard and it had six written all over it. The ball was travelling at a great speed but then, Kings’ fielder Shah Rukh Khan donned his Superman costume and intercepted it brilliantly.

Shah Rukh leapt up high in the air with his hands at 12’o clock position. He grabbed the ball mid-air with a single hand. The momentum was taking him towards the ropes and he did well to maintained his balance and ensured that he wouldn’t touch the line and thus completed a magnificent catch. It was a stunning effort and took everyone by surprise. His teammates were overjoyed and celebrated hard.

Here is the video of the catch:

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