Tom Moody puts out tweet in response to the trolls by CPM supporters

The reason for such an uproar was because the US credit rating agency recently upgraded India’s sovereign rating.

Tom Moody
Former Australian All-Rounder Tom Moody. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Former Australian cricketer Tom Moody found himself amidst a social media riot by supporters of Kerala’s CPM party, in a case of hysterical mistaken identity. The users sympathetic to the left confused the former cricketer for Moody’s – the global ratings agency. The reason for such an uproar was because the US credit rating agency recently upgraded India’s sovereign rating. While the BJP government has been praising it, opposition parties have mostly criticised the agency for the move.

Moody, who is the current head coach of IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League was left in utter despair by the sudden spike in his Facebook notifications after social media users from Kerala, comrades in particular viciously trolled him for giving a boost to the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the center.


However, after the news was covered by media outlets, a number of posts were deleted. The veteran cricketer also took to his Twitter handle and cleared any air of ambiguity stating, “Thanks to all of you who have realise I don’t work in the finance rating industry! #Moodys,”

You can see the tweet below

The hardcore activists turned out to be laughing stocks for showering criticism against the cricketer on his Facebook wall. While some users blatantly accused Moody of giving an improved rating to the Indian economy under the Modi government, some of them even dared Moody to visit Kerala. There were certain other comments too which tried to expose the communists, but such seemingly mild criticism failed to deter them from understanding their blunder attack against the former cricketer.

The ratings were improved to Baa2 from its lowest investment grade of Baa3 after 14 long years, providing a major boost to the economy and to investor sentiments. The leader of the Communist Party of India, Sitaram Yechury, however, claimed that though the country has steadily progressed towards privatization in all sectors, it is still struggling with its ratings in issues like women rights and gender equality