Top 10 fielders with most number of catches in a Test match

Top 10 fielders with most number of catches in a Test match

Ajinkya Rahane most catches in a Test match
Ajinkya Rahane took stunning, sharp catches in the 1st Test against Sri Lanka at Galle. (Photo Source: AFP)

Top 10 fielders with most number of catches in a Test match: In cricket there is an old-age saying that catches win matches. No matter how well your bowlers might be bowling or outfoxing the batter but unless they get the required support from your fielders on the ground, everything goes in vain. But, if you have brilliant bunch of guys in the field then even the half chances can be converted into wickets and that is what can change the momentum of the game. Especially in Test matches, with spinners bowling on turning tracks the role of slips, short-leg and silly-point fielders turns gigantic for the fate of the team.

Today, we make the list of Top 10 fielders with catches in a Test cricket:

 10. Jack Gregory (Australia) – 6 catches:

Tagged as one of the most unpredictable players of his time, Gregory has donned almost every other role on the 22 yards. From batting gloveless to running 20 yards for releasing the ball or so to being a brilliant fielder, this man had done it all. It was in a Test match at Sydney in 1921, when Jack piled up 6 catches against England.

9. Frank Woolley (England) – 6 catches:

One of the most elegant left-handed all-rounders of his generation, Frank Woolley was an asset for the team in all the departments of the game. In a Test match at Sydney in 1912, he accumulated 6 catches in the match against the arch-rivals Australia.

8. Albert Vogler (South Africa) – 6 catches:

In the eras of late 1900s, Albert Vogler was epitomized as the best in the business with red cherry in hand. But, he was very athletic in the field as well and in a Test match at Durban against England in 1910, he became the second fielder in the world to take 6 catches in a match.

7. Arthur Shrewsbury (England) – 6 catches:

One of the greatest batters of his time, Arthur Shrewsbury was equally competent in the field as well. In a Test match in Sydney against Australia in 1888, Arthur became the first fielder in the world cricket to take 6 catches in a match.

6. Matthew Hayden (Australia) – 7 catches:

The Australian’s have been long known as one of the best fielding units of the world and Hayden was no exception. He was a regular fixture in the Australian slip cordon and in a Test match at Galle against Sri Lanka in 2004, he held on to 7 catches in the match.

5. Stephen Fleming (New Zealand) – 7 catches:

The former Kiwi skipper Stephen Fleming was famous for his excellence in the slip cordon. In a Test match against Zimbabwe in 1997 at Harare, he made the cut in the elusive list of most catches in a Test match when he ended the match with 7 catches.

4. Hashan Tillakaratne (Sri Lanka) – 7 catches:

Hashan Tillakaratne is best remembered as an important figure of the Sri Lankan World Cup winning team of 1996. He was also very supple in the field and in a Test match against New Zealand at Colombo in 1992, he took 7 catches.

3. Yajurvindra Singh (India) – 7 catches:

The former India Test cricketer Yajuvendra Singh was renowned for his sharp reflexes as a close in fielder. In his very 1st Test match against England in Bangalore he had equalled Greg Chappell’s record of 7 catches in a Test match.

2. Greg Chappell (Australia) – 7 catches:

The former Australian great Greg Chappell’s career was dominated by controversies before as well as after his career on the field. But, he was a very sharp player in the field and in a Test match between Australia and England at Perth he held on to a record 7 number of catches which was a record for most catches at that time and stayed on from 1974 till 2015.

1. Ajinkya Rahane (India) – 8 catches:

Apart from his top-notch skills with the willow in hand, Ajinkya Rahane is regarded as one of the best fielders in the Indian side. In the undergoing 1st Test match between India and Sri Lanka at Galle, Rahane created history as he has taken 8 catches in the match and hence has carved his name in the record books of cricket with most number of catches 8 in a Test match.