Top 5 Players with most Centuries against a team

Top 5 Players with most Centuries against a team

The top five players with most number of centuries in all formats of the game against one foe. Batsmen tend to love a particular attack, which has bowlers who usually bowl to their strength or in the area of their liking. In such a case the number of runs he scores against that team is much higher than against even a couple of opponents combined. We can say this with confidence as we have records and statistics to our backing, there have been many in the history of the game that have shown inclination towards one or even two countries in some cases against whom they have scored the bulk of their career runs. Here is a compilation of 5 guys who top this particular record book.

1.Sachin Tendulkar (India) Vs (Australia) 20 Centuries

Player Period Mat Inns Runs HS Ave 100 50
Tendulkar (India) v Australia 1991-2013 110 144 6707 241* 49.68 20 31

Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has to be at the peak of a batting record where runs, centuries, appearances or rather absolutely anything related to batting is involved to say the least. He owns almost all batting records to his name after all. Hence he is famously known as the God of Cricket not only among his fans but with spectators round the world. Sachin has twenty 100+ score against Australia in 110 matches, runs sum up to a 6707 at an average of almost 50. Add to this the 31 fifty+ scores he has and Sachin tops the list.


2.Sir Donald Bradman (Australia) Vs (England) 19 Centuries

Player Period Mat Inns Runs HS Ave 100 50
Bradman (Aus) v England 1928-1948 37 63 5028 334 89.78 19 12

At number two we have one of the greatest cricketers of all time the legend himself Sir Don Bradman. Anything said and written about him would never be enough to justify the class he was off, equaling the feats he has left behind as bench marks would take a century to even be equalled forget surpassing his records. He was impeccable with his footwork, water tight defense and the shots he played could well be the defining examples in textbook of the game. Don has nineteen 100+ scores against England is 39 games that he played, taking his average equals 90 runs per innings, he has also scored 5028 runs in the process .


3.Sachin Tendulkar (India) Vs (Sri Lanka) 17 Centuries

Player Period Mat Inns Runs HS Ave 100 50
Tendulkar (India) v Sri Lanka 1990-2012 109 116 5108 203 49.11 17 23

Sachin once again holds the third spot in the same record which he tops, only one change i.e. the opponent which changes from Australia to Sri Lanka. Sachin has the highest number of centuries in Cricket which is 100 International 100’s. He has 17 of those against their geographical neighbors.  109 matches’ 17 hundreds, average of 49.11 add them up and we reach 5108 runs against one team is more than enough to denote the dominance he has enjoyed over the Sri Lankan bowling line-up which has world class pace and spin bowlers but nothing could stop Sachin from piling those runs.


4.Ricky Ponting (Australia) Vs (India) 14 Centuries

Player Period Mat Inns Runs HS Ave 100 50
Ponting (Aus) v India 1995-2012 89 111 4795 257 47 14 22

Ponting one of the best skippers in the history of cricket was also a great batsmen the way he took guard would dip the morale of the opponents even before the game began. If there was someone who could equal or get closer to Sachin Tendulkar’s records as a batsman it had to be Ponting. He enjoyed batting against many oppositions but the Indian bowling seemed to be his favorite. Ponting has scored fourteen 100+ scores against them in 89 matches, 4795 runs at an average of 47. He takes the fourth position.


5.Sunil Gavaskar (India) Vs (West Indies) 13 Centuries

Player Period Mat Inns Runs HS Ave 100 50
Gavaskar (India) v West Indies 1971-1986 38 59 3144 236* 60.46 13 11

Sunil Gavaskar takes the number five spot in the list, termed as the Little Master in cricket due to him being short in height; his records stand tall for him. Sunny also enjoys the pleasure of being Idol of someone like Sachin Tendulkar, as the student says he got the hunger to play cricket only after he watched the then great and legendary opener play. Sunny selected West Indies bowling to score the bulk of his runs he has played 38 matches, scored  thirteen 100+ scores at an average as high as 60. To say the least Gavaskar a short fellow had the tallest and the deadliest bowlers in cricket to face yet has scored 3144 runs.


Stats updated till 10th Oct 2013

This list show the upper hand the India and Australian batsmen have or rather have established over rest of the teams and more prominently due to the class of batsmen they have had over the years. This is evident as there are only Indians and Australians on the top 5 positions of this record where scoring centuries against the same opponent are considered. Three positions are held by Indians and two by Australians would fuel up the debate as to which country has the better batsmen or who is the Greatest Batsmen of all time. This is it for this time will come up with something more interesting and exciting when we get you some other cricketing record analysed.