Twenty20 cricket to be included in the Olympics?

There are several issues with cricket being included in the Olympics.

Twenty20 cricket to be included in the Olympics? |
A general view of play during the Twenty20 match between the Perth Scorchers and England Lions. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Cricket is a Gentleman’s game. To ensure a wider reach, the lesser known nations must not be ignored. The game must be aired in more and more countries to attract more viewership and increase the fan base. The positive health of the game must be ensured to maintain the integrity of the game. If cricket is watched by more people, it could become more exciting and will benefit the players as well as the governing bodies too.

One way to revolutionize the game is by including it in the Olympics. Cricket was last played in the Olympics in the 1900 Paris Games. Since then fans haven’t got to witness their beloved sport at the four-year event. Such a big move requires the support of bigger cricketing bodies like the BCCI and the ECB.



There are several issues with cricket being included in the Olympics. The revenue generated at the Olympics may go to the respective Olympic committees while the cricketing boards may get a much smaller share. Also, the ICC may have to scrap the two-year T20 World Cup format to a 4-year format. This takes millions out of the game. Also, there are only a few countries that play top cricket. The associate nations and the minnows may be no match to their counterparts.

Everything aside, Cricket may still benefit if included in the Olympics. The issue was brought up in the MCC World Cricket committee meeting held in Sydney on Tuesday and Wednesday. It may not be possible in 2024 but the ICC is looking for a window in the 2028 Olympics. However, the support of BCCI is paramount in such decisions. The BCCI has been a strong opposer of this proposal. Its issue with the IOC hasn’t helped much.

“We would like to urge the BCCI to have a look at it again and support the main body of boards that would like to get into the Olympics as soon as possible. It seems strange that everyone else seems happy to get in there because it’s just going to be so good for the game.” Committee chairman Mike Gatting was quoted as saying by

The governing body must ensure that the best of cricket must be showcased if included in the Olympics. This will lead to making cricket more popular and the followers would multiply enormously.