Vinod Kambli's wife accuses Ankit Tiwari's father for touching her inappropriately

Vinod Kambli’s wife accuses Ankit Tiwari’s father for touching her inappropriately

It has also been learnt that both the parties have registered a complaint against each other.

Vinod Kambli and wife
Vinod Kambli and wife. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli is in the limelight once again. His wife Andrea Kambli has accused Rajendra Tiwari, the father of the famous Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari, of inappropriately touching her in the mall in Mumbai. The couple has registered a complaint now even as Kambli was involved in a heated verbal argument with Rajendra over the incident.

The incident took place on Sunday in the Inorbit Mall when Kambli and his wife were spending their time together. But the latter was frustrated over a man touching her repeatedly with the ‘malicious intent’ and finally hit him with her bag. Even the former cricketer stepped in then and things went awry between him and Tiwari family.

Kambli explains the incident

In the CCTV footage accessed by Zee News, it could be seen that Andrea is hitting the man for deliberately touching her repeatedly with the wrong intent. Vinod Kambli confirmed the news while speaking to Mumbai Mirror and went on to say that three men tried to attack his wife and intimidate them. He stressed that the three people followed them in the mall and his wife caught the hand of an old man finally when they were in the game zone.

“We were at the Game Zone in the mall around 3 pm when my wife caught hold of an old man’s hand. He had deliberately brushed his hand against her and when she caught him in the act, he pushed her away. Minutes later when we were at the food court, two men, who we assume were the man’s sons, tried to attack my wife. When I told them to back off, they told me, ‘You don’t know who we are’,” he said.

It has also been learnt that both the parties have registered a complaint against each other and the case looks complicated as the celebrities are involved in it.

Here’s the image:

Vinod Kambli
(Photo Source: Zee News)

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