Virat Anushka to stay apart during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Virat Anushka to stay apart during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Virat Anushka to stay apart during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: If India is the team at the centre of talks for the ICC cricket world cup 2015, for them going in as defending champions in Australia and New Zealand Virat Kohli is the man in focus inside the team. Such has been his impact and performance that the whole of Indian cricket if not only the batting lineup is Virat Kohli certified. And at this juncture one cannot talk of Kohli alone he has Anushka Sharma accompanying him in name and in games as well. In what could be a debatable move the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has unofficially made it clear to the player that they cannot have their wives and girlfriend’s (WAGS) accompany the for the ICC world cup 2015.

It has been talked about for quite sometime whether the players should be allowed to take their WAGS on tour or is it distracting enough to be banned. The issue got heated up following Virat’s failure with the bat in England and Anushka Sharma being spotted along with him all over England. Word of her staying in the same room with the cricketer were also heard. The BCCI then decided to make it unofficial and the players could have their families and WAGS along but not in the same room.

International player these days play 8 to 10 months of grilling and nonstop cricket, stay away from home and to prevent their spouses travel with them would be a tougher call than what it looks. While it is looked at as a distraction that family problems or discussions might make them mentally unstable, having to stay away from them can work the other way around as well.

Virat after England made sure Anushka was there around for ODIs against Sri Lanka and then in Australia as well for the test series during which he performed exceptionally well and also acknowledged her presence in the stands. Though she has been staying either in proximity of the team hotel or in a different room of the same hotel and not in the same room to comply with the BCCI.

The players will surely have their families and WAGS with them in Australia and New Zealand during the world cup 2015 to support them as well as watch them play but will not be able to stay along if the current reports are to be believed.