Virat Kohli after abusing an Indian journalist apologizes indirectly

Virat Kohli after abusing an Indian journalist apologizes indirectly

Virat Kohli after abusing an Indian journalist apologizes indirectly: Indian cricket’s next big thing the test captain and vice-captain of the limited over’s team Virat Kohli on Tuesday hurled continues abuses at an Indian journalist who is there in Australia and New Zealand to cover the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Jasvinder Sidhu the senior HT journalist was at the media zone watching the team practice when he suddenly observed Virat charging abuses at him.

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Sidhu in his article in the HT today described Kohli’s behavior as ‘something which doesn’t behoove of an international player, even if it was not directed at him.’ Kohli after abusing the journo was taken into the dressing room by support staff member R Sathish. The journalist also wrote that some 10 minutes later Kohli came out of the dressing room, waved and smiled at me which was further confusing.

The incident left all the players, media members and others present confused and guessing at what might have prompted Kohli to do so. It was learnt that the abuses were for another national editor of an English news paper and mistook Sindhu for him.

Sindu’s account from his article, “Unable to believe I was the singled out, I looked askance in either direction Huffing and puffing, Kohli said, “Yes, you ba****d. You are here also”, It came as a shock to me. I told the guys besides me that I was clueless about his anger being directed towards me.”

Kohli later contacted Sumit Ghosh a journalist from a Bangla news paper who later came to Sindhu and said that Virat had apologized to him. While the indirect apology is unacceptable to him he wrote, “I would like to reiterate that Kohli did not apologize to me directly.”

The response that the BCCI and the Indian team management gave was through the Media manager Dr. RN Baba who said, “The team management has taken note of the incident and (Team Director) Ravi Shastri and (Bowling Coach) Bharat Arun have spoken to Virat about this.”

The policy that the Indian board is adopting for dealing with the media is really shocking and reflects at the way Indian cricketers treat the journalists like. In their bid to keep them away from any inside news and reports from the dressing room; the BCCI is moving in a direction where the media might even decide to abandon them.

Ideally Virat should not have behaved in the manner he did and even if it happened in the heat, he should have walked to Jasvinder Sindhu and explained him the entire thing and simultaneously should have asked him to forgive him. All that apart the BCCI did not even feel the need to issue and official apology on part of their player.