Virat Kohli dead bats questions on no extension of Kumble's coaching tenure

Virat Kohli dead bats questions on no extension of Kumble’s coaching tenure

“So I don’t see anything very different from what has happened in the past. And that’s something that the board has obviously recognized," he quoted.

India captain Virat Kohli chats to media during the Press Conference
India captain Virat Kohli chats to media during the Press Conference. (Photo by Charlie Crowhurst-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Team India has arrived in London and they are all set for the title defense of the ICC Champions Trophy. India will kick start their campaign against Pakistan on June 4. Skipper Virat Kohli looked very confident in his press conference and spoke at length about the team combinations. On the day when the team reached England, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) invited applications for the post of the new head coach of the Indian team.

This, in essence, meant that the contract of the current head coach Anil Kumble will not be automatically extended after the Champions Trophy. However, Kumble’s name has already been included in the list of applications that the board will be accepting in the coming days. Virat Kohli was asked to speak on the same in the media briefing. A very diplomatic Indian skipper remarked that the standard procedures are being followed by the BCCI.

“The process has been followed every single time in a similar way. Even the last time, the post was up for a change, the same procedure was applied. And the term being one year, obviously, the procedure is being followed in the same manner,” quoted Kohli as per the quotes in Sportstarlive.

Nothing new about it

He further added that every time a new appointment is to be done, this is the kind of procedure that is taken by the board. Hence, there is no such surprise coming about it.

“So I don’t see anything very different from what has happened in the past. And that’s something that the board has obviously recognized. And they want to follow the same patterns. So, yeah, I literally don’t have any more information on it because there is a committee that takes those decisions,” quoted Virat Kohli.

When asked about India’s performance under Anil Kumble’s coaching tenure, Kohli was all praise for the legend. India has a dream run in the home Test series this season. He noted that when the results come as the testimonial of one’s work, there is very little to talk about it then.

“Obviously, when you have results come your way, the contribution is from every part of the team. It’s not from a single source, to say the least. Everyone works hard equally, if not more than the other person,” he conceded.

On team combinations

When asked to talk about the team combinations, he quipped that the team won the previous edition because of the quality bowlers that they had. The squad boasts of good bowlers this time as well. He added that the management has figured out the areas that they need to work on and have started working on them.

“As far as the team goes, the last time we were able to win was because our fast bowlers did really well, the spinners were in form, the fielding stood out and the opening partnership was outstanding. I figured out these were the three factors that helped us win the tournament and go so far. Those we have recognised in England are the areas we need to be strong to go a long way in any tournament or a series,” quoted Virat Kohli.

“The team is much fitter, the cricketers are much more mature, That was a totally young group and a lot of them from that squad are in this team. They have gained a lot of experience in the last four years and that’s going to help,” he added further.

Love for CT

On the personal front, Kohli noted that he loves tournaments such as ICC Champions Trophy where every game is like a knock out fixture. Unlike the World Cups where the teams have buffer spaces in league games, there is no room for complacency and rest in Champions Trophy.

“I personally love Champions Trophy. It presents a challenge to you right from the first game. In tournaments like World Cup, you have league games to get into the tournament, but here you have only three games. Either you are out or you play the semis. I think that’s a great thing about the tournament,” he concluded.