Virat Kohli explains what it is like when India plays Pakistan

Virat Kohli Indian captain News
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: BCCI)

Virat Kohli is one among those cricketers who are not just passionate about the game but also very expressive on the cricket field. He might have mellowed down multiple folds now that he is also leading the Indian team in all three formats of the, but at the start of his career, he was someone who let emotions dominate him on the field. Emotions, passion and the desire to do well is on another high when it is time for India vs Pakistan.

The biggest rivalry on the cricket field that attracts the biggest volume to it has not only been a big thing in the media and among the fans but for the cricketers as well. Neither India nor Pakistan wants to lose against this opposition since it is treated as something a lot more than just cricket. In an old interview with CNN, Virat was asked about the mindset for the match between archrivals and he agreed it was a lot different when he started but is like just another game now.


“Now, no but initially there used to be a massive change in my mindset,” he said, “In my head, I was watching it like a fan, like everyone else. I didn’t know what goes on in the change room with the players.”

Explaining the report that players from both the teams have for each other and the warmth they share Virat said, “How they talk, whether they talk or not whether they are aggressive on the field. It’s absolutely normal if you see the India and Pakistan players talk to each other you can just keep laughing.”

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What makes that connection happen is the feeling of being similar, that understanding of the situation they are in and the expectations their country and the fans have from them. “Somewhere you feel they understand what we are saying, we understand what they are saying, so there is mutual respect and admiration between the players.” Virat said.