Virat Kohli reminded me of Novak Djokovic: Ed Smith

Virat Kohli Orange Cap
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: BCCI)

The orange cap holder of IPL 2016, Virat Kohli has been unstoppable in this edition of the Indian Premier League. With 973 runs with an average of 81.03 and at a strike-rate of 152.03, he led the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) into the finals.

The most number of runs by any cricketer in the 8 previous editions of the IPL was 733. Such was the impact, the Indian Test skipper had in IPL9. Trent Woodhill, batting coach of RCB believes that Kohli’s consistency is pretty simple, according to a report in ESPNCricinfo. “He has trained himself to repeat. What I mean by that is that before going out into the match, he is playing the same game. It’s not like he is trying to play a certain way and then can’t repeat that. When he wants to hit the ball to a certain area, he is not thinking how he is doing it technically. He is just repeating. He is seeing the opportunity and taking that opportunity,” he added.

Woodhill also added the fitness also plays a key role in his consistent performances. He urged that there is no one more physically fit than Virat. “What I have found out about Virat, through [Shankar] Basu, our fitness coach, and through Virat, is that because of his complete determination to be the best, he is physically at the top of his game.”

“There is no one more physically fit than Virat. There are people as good. Davey Warner, for example. But no one better. Virat is a complete player. He is not fighting anything that is not natural. The beauty of him and Davey is that they are not interested in what other people think of their mechanics. They are just looking to repeat what they do day in day out. That’s the first part of the journey. Every time you hit a cricket ball, it has to be with the mechanics you are able to repeat,” Woodhill added.

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Former English cricketer and journalist Ed Smith said that Kohli reminded him of Novak Djokovic who shows total commitment to every aspect of his life. He said, “In terms of total commitment in every aspect of his life to excellence on the field, it reminded me of Djokovic. In terms of taking this total game to new heights. All those things about Virat manifested themselves very quickly, the way he approached preparation and training before the IPL.”

He noted different top players from different sports and said that they always give their 100 percent, otherwise it would be an opportunity for the opponent. “The Messis, the Ronaldos, the Nadals, the Federers, the Lebron Jameses, they make sure they are at the top of their game to compete with so many good sportsmen. The day they don’t give 100% to their preparation, they give the opponent an opportunity. Kohli and Warner worked it out that if they have the complete commitment to what they think they do best, it is really hard to have a weakness.”

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He added that it’s all about grabbing each opportunity that comes your way, and Virat has done it exceptionally well. “I have been around a few great sportsmen in cricket and other sports. It is very inspiring and thrilling to see someone grab his moment. That’s what I think he has done. The recognition that he could do something special, the knowledge that everything is in place, the commitment to doing it, the conviction with which he approached this moment, is exceptional,” he concluded.