Virat looks confident; AB de Villiers watchful as teams gear up for South Africa vs India clash

Virat looks confident; AB De Villiers watchful as teams gear up for South Africa vs India clash

Virat looks confident; AB De Villiers watchful as teams gear up for South Africa vs India clash: The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is all set to host this big match, as both South Africa and India are sharpening their skills, sweating it out, chalking down strategies at Melbourne in the Junction Oval, St Kilda. South Africa looks the better team at this moment, with a superior bowling and an in-form batting line-up. It is up for India to work harder, with lot more consistency, play out of their skins and beat South Africa.

India have always found the African challenge too much in world cups as it has become quite a jinx for the team having lost to them thrice in as many world cup duels. The Indian management would prefer going in with the same XI they played against Pakistan which is their winning combination now and everyone seemed to know their roles and limitations.

A couple of days before the match, India’s star player and vice-captain Virat Kohli speaking to the media today said, “To get over that hurdle tomorrow will be immense self belief booster for us in many ways. It’s very important to hold momentum in a tournament like the World Cup”.

This shows the resolve the team has and how important do they consider this game, as one can get away even with a loss and still qualify for the knock outs with the format the ICC has designed this World Cup 2015. But India is looking for the win, which is also the right attitude to have ahead of an important game and in a tournament like the world cup.

South Africa though considered favorites’ to win is not complacent in their approach either. Skipper AB de Villiers said, “We know (India is) a very dangerous side, and we’re going to play accordingly and hopefully come out on top tomorrow”.

Another man who will be important in the contest is Gary Kirsten; the man who was with team India and guided them to world cup 2011 success after 28 years is at the other side this time, working as a consultant with the South African team. Gary would know exactly how MS Dhoni asses a situation and his approach when a challenge is put ahead of him.

Though the game will be played out on the field, a lot will depend on who come better prepared while walking out; as the perfection of home work will show when there is a moment out for grabs and the one who catches it will eventually emerge victorious.

Expect it to be a cracker of a match it is rightly projected by the broadcasters as a  ‘Mauka’ (chance) for India to make it 3-1 and for South Africa to stamp authority and beat the defending champs ahead of the all important knock-out stage.