Virender Sehwag has discovered a footballer who will make you forget the best from the World Cup

In the FIFA World Cup, England play Croatia later tonight.

Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The FIFA fever has taken over sports fans around the world, Indian being an extremely enthusiastic sporting nation the talk all around is about football. As the World Cup unfolds every four years suddenly there are plenty of experts and lakhs of fans for teams they have no relation with. Virender Sehwag also hopped on the bandwagon and tweeted a video of a man he thinks can make you forget the best of the teams from the World Cup.

Sehwag posted a video that has been viral on social media. It is that of an old man with a bit of a beard, looks pretty Asian – mentioned as football isn’t the most popular sport in this part of the world. He puts the ball in place, presses it down nicely to make a slot on the ground. He isn’t targeting a goal post that is 8 yards apart but a small square cavity inside a wall.

He was standing pretty parallel to it and for the ball to go inside his ‘goal’ it had to be a tremendous kick and the ball had to cover a trajectory with swing and aimed precisely for the target. Our man here who is now popularly known as ‘Messi ke Chacha’ is standing on the ground barefoot. Not ideal setup for someone to take a freekick like that.

He has his experienced eyes set on the goal box and the kick looks pretty ordinary at first but as the ball takes off it follows the exact same path it was supposed to. Wait for a bit and a few seconds later it goes right into the goal and ‘Messi ke Chacha’ celebrates it with joy. There is commentary in the background as well describing the incredible goal but sadly isn’t one of the languages that is a part of our knowledge. However, like Viru paaji we also appreciate the efforts and take a bow old man.

He wrote- “Forget France , England, Croatia, here is the man #messikechacha”

Watch it here:

Forget France , England, Croatia, here is the man #messikechacha

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